Getting started

Unicorn 'N' Cobra Films was originally created by actor Ivory Ocean and writer Sarita Callender. Six months after beginning this joint venture Ivory Ocean sadly passed away (Dec 29th 2011). After taking some time out to mourn, re-evaluate and get back on track, Sarita forged ahead as sole proprietor.

Stay tuned for upcoming project information!!!

Sarita Callender has been attached to the entertainment industry since the age of five. Starting on stage as an actress in England and enjoying thirty years of live performances, she retired from the stage to concentrate on the movies.

During her high school years, Sarita found great enjoyment in writing and went on to win the Editors Choice Award twice for her writing in America.

Her first taste of movie making came in the last year of high school as she was able to attend Technical College and study for her TV Studio Technician degree.

One year later she was involved in the writing and production of an independent movie.

Although she was taken away from the industry a few times for family responsibilities she always returned and has now settled in the role of writer/director/producer for Unicorn 'N' Cobra Films. Look out for her occasional acting roles too.